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9AM - 2PM
George Bush Park

Bucks County Volleyball Camps / Clinics Start June 17

Welcome to our week-long beach volleyball clinic, where we'll dive into the fundamentals of server receive and passing, tailored for both beginner and intermediate players! Our clinic promises a blend of instruction, practice, and fun in the sun.

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Day 1: Orientation and Basics

We kick off the clinic with introductions and an overview of the week ahead. Beginners will learn the basic techniques of server receive and passing, including proper footwork, hand positioning, and body posture. Intermediate players will focus on refining their skills with advanced drills and personalized feedback.

Day 2: Technique Refinement

Building upon the foundation laid on Day 1, participants will delve deeper into the nuances of server receive and passing. Beginners will practice controlled touches and directional passes, while intermediate players will work on consistency and anticipation. Video analysis will help highlight areas for improvement.

Day 3: Game Situations

Today, players will simulate game-like scenarios to apply their skills under pressure. From serve-receive patterns to fast-paced rallies, participants will learn to react quickly and decisively. Coaches will provide tactical guidance and strategic insights to elevate performance.

Day 4: Specialized Training

To cater to individual needs, Day 4 offers specialized training sessions. Beginners can focus on mastering the basics, while intermediate players may opt for advanced techniques such asout of system passing or float serve reception. One-on-one coaching ensures personalized attention.

Day 5: Tournament Preparation

As the week progresses, anticipation builds for our culminating event: the beach volleyball tournament. Participants will fine-tune their skills in preparation for competitive play. Strategy sessions and team dynamics discussions will enhance cohesion and collaboration.

Day 6: Tournament Day

The moment everyone has been waiting for arrives! Teams will compete in a friendly tournament, putting their newfound skills to the test. Whether vying for victory or simply enjoying the camaraderie, participants will experience the thrill of beach volleyball in action.


Our beach volleyball clinic for server receive and passing is not just about honing skills—it's about fostering a love for the game, forging friendships, and creating lasting memories amidst the beauty of the beach. Join us for an unforgettable week of sun, sand, and volleyball!