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Learn More About SandYard Beach Volleyball

Founded to Empower Beach Athletes and Grow the Beach Volleyball Sport in PA

Playing in a tournament but no partner?

Adult and Junior players looking for a tournament partner, go to our FaceBook group and post!
There are other players looking too!

Empowering players and coaches to train and compete in Sand Volleyball. 

Exciting Partnerships

Sandyard Beach Academy has partnered with AVP America! This is an exciting partnership that will allow SandYard Volleyball to host AVP events such as: Tournaments, Clinics, Camps!

Sand Volleyball Club

SandYard Beach Academy is an AVP Junior Club and many of our junior athletes will have the chance to compete at AVP Nationals.

Building a Culture

Team and Community Culture is very important to SandYard Volleyball.
We build our culture with two core values, Love and Effort.

Supporting Beach Volleyball Pros and their journey to Center Court

Pro Beach Volleyball is a journey and AVP Center Court, FIVB World Cahmpionships and the Olympics are expensive destinations. Beach volleyball players need to spend thousands of dollars on tournament travel expenses, training and gear and may not make it to a money round for weeks.  In AVP, you need to win to cover your expenses, there's only two teams that walk away with the big check. (One team for Mens and Womens)  
SandYard Beach Academy will be hosting, "Train with the Pros" clinics where we invite Pro Players to guest coach our Beach volleyball community. Proceeds go to the Pro and their venture to seek out greatness. 
We are excited to be working this season with Chase Frishman (Flight School), Chris Vaughan, Nolan Albrecht, and Tomas Goldsmith! (Coach Mel is poking at a few others, so there may be more)

Happy Coaches + Happy Players = Happy Culture

Heart + Hustle

I am so excited to head up SandYard Volleyball and bring the sport I love so much to my community. Volleyball has brought so many wonderful things into my life, BFFs, coaching, and good health... On top of the having the advantage of traveling almost anywhere in the world and using volleyball as a way to meet new people. And as for beach volleyball... well, it is never a bad day when you are playing at the beach!

Beginner Ballers

Junior Girls

Junior Boys




4 Steps to Success

From Beginner to Pro









From our Beginner Ballers ages 8 - 10 to Masters Division, Sandyard Volleyball welcomes players at all stages of training. 

Beach Volleyball Culture

The way we encourage, support, and appreciate one another is what makes the volleyball experience special.

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Check out all the programs SandYard Volleyball has to offer.

Feeling Inspired?

We are always looking for great coaches who are passionate about growing the sport!