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Please note that lowest required for coaching is AVP Silver Membership level

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Make sure you have completed all the requirements in order to coach at 4-Star events:


  • Background Screening must be completed and cleared at least one week prior to event start date.  
  • Active SILVER AVP Membership
  • AVP America Coaching Pass to be completed at least one week prior to event start date
  • Coaches MUST check-in with AVP Staff to receive coaching credentials for the event
  • Make sure you know the Coaching Rules that were included in the AVP America Coaching Pass.
  • Wear your credentials! All coaches that are certified to coach at these events must have their credentials on to coach (wristband).

Check-in: coaches will report to the AVP Staff tent (center court area) to check-in (pickup credentials) each day

(AVP Rules)

Coaching During Tournaments


  • Coaches must be located on the same side of the court as their team.
  • They must move during team switches to prevent stealing of signs from the opposition.
  • While play is live, coaches must stay within 6 feet of the end/side lines The only exception for entering the court, is to to tend to his/her players during an extended interruption in play or injury timeout if permitted by the referee and/or medical staff, if applicable.
  • No coaching will be permitted from any other area on the site.
  • A coach may leave a match in progress to coach another of his/her teams at a different court. A coach in such instances may join the subsequent match in progress. However, a coach is not permitted to leave a match in progress and return to that same match at a later point in time, as this is potentially disruptive to the match.


  • Coaches can offer instruction to their team before the match begins and after a match finishes. During matches they can offer instruction in the following ways:
  • “Walk and talk” during side changes Suggest/Call time-outs for their teams (juniors only)
  • Coaches can offer instruction to their team from when the ball is dead until the next server is ready to serve
  • Coach on a time-out

The following restrictions apply to coaches during matches:

  • Coaches are not allowed to interact with the opponent players or the opponent coach.
  • Coaches (and other team members) are not allowed to receive information from external sources during an active match (including but not limited to audio, video, and text to a smart device ie: phone, tablet, or smartwatch). Any coach who is deemed to be taking signals from the opposition and forwarding them and any message to their team will be given an automatic red card and be removed from the tournament site for the duration of that event. Such offense is subject to a fine and/or suspension.
  • Coaches are not able to interact with the officials (if applicable) at any time, other than to call a timeout:
  • Interaction with officials includes questioning judgement or similar outbursts during or between rallies.
  • Coaches are not allowed to attempt to influence officials under the guise of coaching their players.
    Interaction with the players can not in any manner delay the pace of play Delays in pace of play or coach interaction with the officials will be dealt with administratively. Sanctions can range from a verbal warning to a suspension.

Background check links - PA Criminal Check - PA Child Abuse - FBI Fingerprint