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The Rules

  • When at tournaments. players will wear their SandYard jerseys. No exceptions.
  • SandYard Players will always behave with good sportmanship when playing at home or at away tournaments.
  • Players will treat all coaches with respect with their full attention. Players that disrespect coaches or assistant coaches will be asked to go home. If the behavior continues, three warnings and the player will be asked not to return.
  • All team events are mandory. Such as but not limited to: Player parties, team dinners, advance clinics...
  • Players are expect to arrive at practice 15 minutes early. Players that arrive late without informing the coach will run a quater-mile lap around the courts.
  • If applicable, player will assist the coaches with put up and break down of equipment.
  • Players are responsible for all club balls that are used for practices. Find them all before you leave the premises.
  • Players are responsible for bringing their own ball to all tournaments.
  • Players must listen to all coaches, assistant coaches and clinicians during practices and tournaments. All coaches/clinicians have the right to give consequences as a result of bad behaivor to you and/or the entire practice group. Consequences can vary from push-ups, running laps, burpees, sprints to being sent home for 48 hours.
    • Bad Behavior is defined as:
      • Not listening to instructions
      • Goofing around while a coach is speaking in group discussions
      • Unsportsmanlike conduct to coaches or teammates
      • Not asking permission to leave the court or practice premises
  • No leaving the practice premises during practice.. ever. Unless it is a family emergency or you have discussed leaving early with the coach on duty and the director.
  • No rough talk to other players. This excludes heckiling in a good nature. If a player asks you to stop, stop immediately.
  • Bring your ball to practice always.
  • No phones out at practice unless there's a family reason to do so. (5-27-24)
December 30, 2023

Last Updated

We work on a three strikes you are out. If the player, is removed from the program for not meeting the expectations, there will be no refunds.