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8:30 AM Check in
3720-3800 Ocean Ave, Brigantine, NJ 08203

Brigantine Beach Bash- 3 Star AVP Event



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1st ~ AVP JRS National BIDs, AVP Medals & Swag!

2nd ~ AVP JRS National BIDs, AVP Medals & Swag!

3rd ~ AVP JRS National BIDs & AVP Medals

3rd ~ AVP JRS National BIDs & AVP Medals

5th ~ AVP JRS National BIDs

5th ~ AVP JRS National BIDs

5th ~ AVP JRS National BIDs

5th ~ AVP JRS National BIDs


YES ~ AVP BIDS for East Coast and West Coast Championships are THRU 5th Place in THIS THREE-STAR QUALIFIER!!


This 3-STAR event earns players the MOST POINTS out of ANY Juniors event other than Championships AND Nationals! (Championships and Nationals are 4-STAR)




  • Girls 14U, 16U, 18U
  • Note: 48-72 hours prior to check in divisions may be combined in if fewer than 5 complete teams are registered.
  • AVP America Junior Age Requirements
  • See AVP MEMBERSHIP to determine which membership level is best for you. Silver is the minimum AVP membership level required to compete. (Gold level is required to participate in 4-Star Events like AVP Junior Championships. Memberships can be upgraded before Championships.)
  • Registration closes Tuesday @ 6pm
  • Volleyballlife 'team & processing fees' are in addition to the tournament entry fee.




  • Check-in- 8:30am Both players must be on site before a team is allowed to check in.
  • Play starts- 9:00am
  • Coolers & outside drinks are allowed on the beach





  • Girls 12U+ & Boys 14U/16U/18U require a Bid to participate in 2024 AVP East and West Coast Championships
  • AVP JRS Championships: AT LEAST one player on each team at Championships must have earned a Bid. Players who earned Bids together do NOT have to play together in Championships. Bids are not age specific. That means a player who earns a bid in 14U bid can play 14U, 16U, OR 18U at Championships. In addition, if both players on the team have not aged out of 12U that division would also be an option.
  • Divisions must have a minimum of 5 teams to be 'Bid eligible'. If a division has fewer than 5 teams we will combine that division with the next higher (older) division. In that scenario, teams eligible to play in a lower (younger) division would have the option to play in the younger division.  The bid (& points) awarded will be for the higher division.   (ie: If four 16U teams are registered, those teams would be moved into 18U --unless they are eligible for 14U-- and there would be one set of bids awarded for 18U (along with 18U points) even though 16U teams played.)
  • Bids are not age specific at Four Star Events. For example, if a 14U (age-wise) team gets a Bid in 16U, that Bid would be good for 14U in Championships or ECC/WCC Championships. In Championships/Coast Championships teams must play in their true age division (at the time of Championships/Coast Champs), regardless of the age division for which the Bid was originally awarded.
  • Per AVP America: AVP Junior Championships has limited space. Entry is based on a first come, first serve basis. Bids do NOT guarantee a spot in AVP Junior Championships or ECC/WCC events.



SandYard Tournament Guidelines

 P L E A S E  R E A D



  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED to 'coach' or call out scores or suggest time outs or water breaks or interfere with play in any way.  Players are competing in the tournament, NOT parents! 
  • Coaches are ONLY permitted to speak to their team during SIDE CHANGES & TIME OUTS Coaches may walk along the side line speaking to their team during side changes. 
  • Parents must stay at least 10 feet from all court boundary lines.
  • Any coach, parent or spectator interfering with plays, a game OR appears to be intimidating the opposing team in any way including aggressive or obnoxious cheering (on purpose or not) will be required to leave the privately owned property where SandYard Volleyball is located. Period.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to address athletes during games or while they are reffing. Leave them alone. Take a deep breath & let the kids play! It is to their benefit to let them learn how to handle tournament situations without parents jumping in on their behalf.
  • If you have a question as to why something is or was done, please ask the Tournament Director.




  • Referees (teams assigned to ref games) are responsible for keeping & calling out the score AND making calls during the games. 
  • Referees are expected to make appropriate & fair calls during all games including making calls against their club mates. Both players on the Reffing team are required to participate in reffing. One is in charge of keeping & calling out the score, time outs, server order & the other player makes calls. Both may decide together on questionable calls.
  • If the reffing players do not feel comfortable making calls on other (or older) teams, PLEASE get with your coach/team (BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT) and practice making calls in other games. 
  • Referees are required to call out the score PRIOR TO each serve. If the refs do not, it is the responsibility of the PLAYERS in the game to ask for the score BEFORE serving the ball.
  • If a team/player has a score dispute it must be settled PRIOR to the serve. THAT is why it is so important for the 4 players & the 2 refs to make sure the score is correct BEFORE each serve.
  • Referees enter scores on the pool sheets AS WELL AS in after each game.
  • If the referees are not completely confident in a call it is an automatic redo and THAT IS OK! HOWEVER, neither team is ALLOWED to pressure or bully the refs into agreeing to a redo! That will not be tolerated.




  • Players are NOT allowed to stop a play, other than for an injury or if a ball has come directly in their path on the court.
  • Only referees can stop a play! 
  • Athletes are expected to play out the entire play and politely address a bad or no call with the Ref AFTER the play. 
  • If a team/player stops a play, they risk losing a point (or the game) depending on what the Ref calls. 
  • It is the responsibility of ALL PLAYERS to check THEIR RESULTS in to make sure results were input correctly!




  • Pool Play + Single Elimination Playoffs. (Teams from the same pool MIGHT compete against each other in Playoffs!)
  • In playoffs, teams are REQUIRED to ref the next game/match after they lost. That is expected and part of participating in tournament play.
  • Only players in the tournament are permitted to ref. Parents are NEVER (ever never ever) permitted to ref.
  • The Tournament Director has the right to adjust the tournament format, court or ref assignments or anything else tournament related at any time and without prior notice.




  • Registrations cancelled by Tuesday of tournament week at 6pm are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations after Tuesday at 6pm are not refunded. 
  • Regardless of whether or not a refund is available, registered teams who are not able to participate are expected to communicate that information to SandYard Volleybal as early as possible.
  • A no-show is defined as withdrawing from a tournament fewer than 8 hours before check-in via email, in person or over the phone. 
  • If a registered team no-shows, both players will not be permitted to participate in the next Juniors tournament at SandYard Volleyball. 
  • If a team must withdraw on the 'day of a tournament' please call Mel at 609.937.7144 and speak to a human! Do NOT leave a message – call back & speak to a real live human. 

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